A $750 Honda Accord Type R Is Just as Bad as You Think

No amount of time and effort is worth saving this rust bucket. Yet these guys have a plan to do just that.

The Civic, Integra, and NSX weren't the only cars to get hot-rodded Type R variants from Honda. In the late Nineties and early 2000s, Honda also built an Accord Type R. Though it never gained a massive following or performed as well as other Type R models, it was still an incredibly cool (and rare) car. This one probably isn't worth saving, though.

Juiceboxforyou on YouTube decided it would be a good idea to buy an Accord Type R for just £‎600 (roughly $745 at current exchange rates). Not bad for a running, driving, factory Type R, right? Well, just keep reading.

While the Accord Type R in question looks to be in fair shape from the outside, it doesn't take long to start spotting major issues. The entire interior, save for the driver's seat and the dashboard, has been stripped from the car. Upon inspection of the drivetrain, the new owners discover a CV boot leak, an oil leak, and a power steering fluid leak. But those are far from the worst parts.

No, the real disaster comes when you peek underneath this Type R. There is a catastrophic amount of rust plaguing not only the floors, but the frame rails as well. There's enough missing metal that we'd declare this car unsafe to drive, as it might start falling apart the minute you hit a rough patch of pavement. Still, Juiceboxforyou isn't cutting its losses. The YouTuber plans to cut out the rust and replace it with new metal, and add a roll cage. To that we say good luck.

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