Watch This Street-Legal 2700-HP Ford GT Hit 292 MPH

Nearly 300 mph in a car with a license plate. That's outrageous.

Ford GT Johnny Bohmer 292 mph
Johnny Bohmer Racing

Earlier this year we showed you a heavily modified Ford GT that hit 293.6 mph from a dead stop in the standing mile. That car went faster than Guinness World Record holder Johnny Bohmer's 283.2 mph standing-mile run set in 2012 (but didn't break the record since Guinness officials were not on site). Well, Bohmer is back, and he's not messing around.

This past Friday, Bohmer and his crew took his 2700-horsepower, street legal "BADD GT" to the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle runway in Florida to see if it could crack the 300 mph barrier.

According to Jalopnik, Bohmer lost some boost pressure in 6th gear, and had to settle for just 292 mph. More worrying, the parachute he planned to slow down with ripped off his car on deployment, meaning all the stopping power had to come from the car's brakes.

Bohmer was able to slow the car down safely using the brakes, but the immense heat cracked the rear rotors. Bohmer told Jalopnik he thought the car was on fire when he finally got it stopped, the brake heat was so intense.

The team is now aiming for 315 mph as a new benchmark, though Bohmer would be happy to exceed 300 mph. Watch for yourself as this Ford GT flies down the runway.

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