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See How Your Favorite Jack Stands Compare in This Head-to-Head Experiment

The jack stand is the lifesaving device that keeps your car from crushing you. Here's how the most popular brands stack up against each other.

Jack stands are the most important tools you can buy. It's a safety device that's built solely to prevent you from being crushed by your car. So it's best to know the jack stands you're using can actually perform well... unless you don't care about being smushed.

The Project Farm YouTube channel put together a series of experiments and tests to see which of the most popular 11 jack stands on the market would perform best. The tests included tip-over force needed to get the jack stands to fall while supporting the weight of a truck, both on asphalt and rubber. It also included the force needed to get the jack stand's handle to release under load, and maximum load weight.

The US Jack-branded jack stands, the most expensive of the bunch at $227 for the pair, were the clear winner thanks to their innovative handle design and extra-wide base—not surprising given they're more than twice as expensive than any other jack stand tested in the video. The $80 Big Red tube-style jack stands also performed well thanks to their unique design and wide base. At $81 the Hein-Werner jack stands performed below expectations, beaten out by cheaper brands like Daytona, Pittsburgh, and Husky.

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