Watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. Smoke Tires in a 2024 Mustang EcoBoost

This is the first time we've seen the new Mustang get sideways since its release.

Ford released the 2024 Mustang in September, but since then, we haven't seen much about the car... until now. It's set to go on sale in summer 2023, and to drum up hype, Ford invited drifting legend Vaughn Gittin Jr. to help shoot a commercial packed with sideways action.

Gittin Jr. was sent out to an undisclosed industrial facility in Long Island, New York to act as a stunt driver in the film, and handed the keys to a prototype version of the 2024 Mustang EcoBoost. Thanks to Gittin Jr.'s cameraperson shooting behind-the-scenes, we get to see all sorts of cool action shots before they're cut into the final product.

Though it's not the full-blown stick-shift 5.0 GT or Dark Horse enthusiasts would've liked to see melting tires on screen, Gittin Jr. has no trouble pulling off some impressive stunts for the camera in the turbo-four 'Stang. He points out that he would've liked to have a clutch pedal during his session, as it would've given him more control over the drivetrain. Alas, Ford dropped the manual for EcoBoost models from 2024 onward.

Still, Gittin Jr. says the EcoBoost Mustang has plenty of sideways cred, and even suggests it for beginners trying to get their foot in the door of drifting. A strong recommendation coming from the man who drifted the Nürburgring in a Mustang.

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